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Be warned, this entry has nothing to do with advertising, isn’t a funny rant, and hasn’t got anything to do with what I usually post about. Today’s entry is all about pop punk, because you see, I am absolutely stoked today! A great band are just about to announce a tour, and it’s a band I’ve been listening to non-stop for a good fortnight now. They’re called With The Punches, and I don’t think they’ve played in this country before. It’ll be great to catch them live on their debut tour. They’re absolutely amazing pop-punk, so don’t click the links unless you’re ready to finger point like a loon.

Totally and utterly psyched about this. And now, to make this post a little more worthy, here are some of my favourite pop punk songs ever written;

This song reminds me of my teenage years. Having hair that was way too long, jeans that were way too baggy, and a group of friends who I did everything with. It’s one of those songs that I thought I could relate to lyrics wise, but now realise that I was only a wee child at the time. That doesn’t stop the piano outro being absolutely incredible, and the song being one of my favourites. Sure it’s no San Dimas or Are We There Yet, but I love it! Fun Ataris fact: I once got Make It Last dedicated to me at an Ataris show. I think I exploded with teenage joy at that moment. Kris Roe will always be one of those guys that makes me star struck. I sat and talked to him for a while on his last acoustic tour. It was such a strange thing to do considering I worshipped the ground he walked on as a young teen. In fact, I can remember waiting three hours just for him to sign my CD case at the release of So Long, Astoria.

Ah, first year of university. I’d owned Something To Write Home About for years before university, but this song reminds me of Pop Bubble Rock which was a club night I went to without fail every fortnight for three years. This song in particular reminds me of my sister Sian. We sang it at each other every single time it came on, including some amazing hand actions for all the lyrics. The funny thing about this story, is that Sian isn’t actually my sister. I don’t know where the joke spawned from, but we were some how related. It stuck for years, and I still think people believe we’re related. The lyrics “Some times I miss you more, whenever I’m alone. I’ve been home all summer, now I’m leaving you alone!” ring true more than ever, as I’ve not seen the girl in over a year. We actually met through our ex-partners, and started spending more time together than with our ex-other half.

This again, is a track from the first year of university. More importantly, it’s actually the first song that Victoria and I kissed to in a club called Satan’s Hollow. I told her at the time to stop kissing me, as I had to go and dance. What a thing to say! I’m surprised she stuck with me for that. It’s a great sing along number, and one that never fails to make me move. Many a time I’ve stage dived, crowd surfed, jumped about, air guitared to this track, and it will never get old.

This is the last song I’ll be posting up, but I think it ranks as one of my favourite of all time. I’ve posted it before in one of my many ‘I love The Wonder Years’ posts, but it gets the pleasure of being posted again. Apart from being one of my favourite bands, The Wonder Years are one of resounding memories from perhaps my favourite weekend of all time. I like to call it the ‘Pop Punk, Horses, Ten Trains and One Hell Of A Hangover’ Weekend. I basically followed The Wonder Years to three of their dates across the country interspersed with my Brother’s stag weekend. I saw so many amazing friends, met some new ones, and never actually sobered up until the Monday afternoon. The weekend went like this; Manchester to London to Watford to London to Cambridge to Newmarket to Cambridge to the Bum Fuck Of Nowhere to Peterborough to Leeds to Manchester. Amazing times, and I’ll never forget them.

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