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It,s been a funny ol day today..

It would have been a day of celebration had my Dad still been here, it would have been his Birthday but instead ive had a day full of memories.These are some of the things  i think about when i think of my Dad it,s always the comical things he did  that  i usually remember,he was always happy & he whistled alot especially in the mornings 😀   One Aprils fools day he put a fake parking ticket on my car that gave  every one a giggle except me,he always caught me out.He was also a pretty good one man band too,he played the Spoons,the Jew,s Harp,th Kazoo,the Banjo & the Piano.He liked to draw caricatures & cartoon pictures we used to play a game,he would draw a few swiggly lines or random shapes and my brother and me had to finish the drawing off however we wanted i enjoyed that game.

Ive just lit a candle for him here; and wished him a Happy Birthday.

Love and miss you Dad xxxxx



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