Psymonkee on Being Evil

Posted on April 6, 2011 by


Recently I’ve been playing more RPG’s or games with role playing elements in them than I care to remember. Obviously this is somewhat unavoidable due to games incorporating ideas from multiple genres in an effort to provide the ultimate experience. Of course one of the more prominent features of an RPG is to allow the player to be good or evil (or play a bit of both if you want) by presenting you with the now common moral choices when ‘solving’ problems. Most games go with a simple choice between 3 outcomes (good/neutral/evil) and make these choices fairly obvious. As your also probably aware these choices are suitably weighted to benefit the player accordingly. Being good and refusing rewards usually brings you benefits later in the game whereas being evil results in immediate wealth & people being constantly in fear of you. Both playstyles have there advantages but on the whole I’ve only really experienced one. Yeah you read that right – I only play 50% of my RPG games and I don’t really know why either. Of course in contrast to the post title I’m the guy that only plays the role if the hero type character. Or in the case of the Overlord games the slightly less evil ‘chaotic good’ option. I assume this isn’t uncommon as I hope most people are truly good deep down. Of course I enjoy being mean and choosing the ‘funny’ dialog options when I can but when it comes to crunch time I simply can’t be evil! This means I’ve missed out on some extensive amounts of dialog, some alternate scenes/endings and no doubt some pretty sweet loot!

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