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Today I applied for five copy writing jobs. Most of them I’m vastly under qualified for, but I at least wanted to try. I spent hours working on my C.V. and making myself sound like a good candidate. I managed to write up all of my experience and make it sound half decent. I had a little bit of help but it’s nice to know that I have a C.V. worthy of job applications. I would have liked to have made it designerly, but I settled for a nice font set, and a nice hue of blue.

I’d recently re-written my C.V. to apply for a retail job, and it amazed me how different the two applications had to be. One was focussed primarily on retail experience and team leadership, and the other of course, on copy writing and art direction. In the long run I’ve always been a portfolio based applicant over the full on C.V. approach. You see, I’ve always worked on the premise that I get to talk to my would-be employer for weeks, maybe even months, discussing my work and generally getting to know each other. Going down the ‘Apply then to interview’ route will always seem strange to me, but I guess it’s something that I have to do.

Curriculum Vitaes are strange bits of paper/pixels if you think about it. You whole life is forced into fitting onto one or two pieces of A4 paper. I can’t be described in two sheets of paper, and I don’t think any one can. Sure they’re great to read for experience, but my prospective employers don’t know how hard I’m willing to work at even the smallest of jobs. How would they know I’d work hours of overtime just to see something finished to the best of my ability. Speaking of ability, while I may not look that much on paper, I’m willing to take criticism, learn, and work my arse off to make sure everything is of the best I can make it, and if that isn’t good enough, then I’ll make it better.

The most important part of a person, their personality, is also null and void through the reading of a C.V. You can try to put as much about yourself in as humanly possible, or make an elaborate hand crafted number, but unless you’re going for a design job then it all falls back to those two bits of paper and how professional or important you can make yourself sound. I was told by two different people to remove the ‘first person’ tense from my C.V. as it sounds unprofessional. In reading it back, while my C.V. may tell a snippet of information about myself, it doesn’t showcase the best parts. I want my employers to know that I have a beard. I want them to know that I have a mean handshake. I want them to know that I get nervous like any one should do, but that I can present myself well and talk through those nerves. I want them to know I can make a smashing cup of tea, and like Gem said, that I’ll smile on a Monday morning because I’d finally be doing something I want to do in life. These little idiosyncrasies will be missed if someone doesn’t get to meet me face to face, and that is a great shame.

C.V.s are all well and good, but I’m better than two bits of paper. Everyone is.

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