How Old?

Posted on April 7, 2011 by


Quite often you,ll read in the news about how amazing some older ladies look for their years,well today this lady a model that i havent heard of  called Christie Brinkley was in the headlines and i have to say she does look incredible.I read it with great anticipation in the hope that she would share her secret with me as to just how to look so good at her age.

Yes you guessed it she didnt,well all she says is she was told by her booker at her model agency to loose weight eat only fish and water.Hmmm i,m not sure that is the whole secret ….

She denys having plastic surgery but can anyone really look like that without some sort of help,i know you can tone your body with exercise and work-outs to a point but she,s had 3 children,so wheres her tummy?

Oh well i,ll add a Fountain Of Youth to my christmas list for this year then,i can but dream.

Read here Christie Brinkley.

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