Ciaran Watkins – Bon Appetit Intrepid Fridge Forager (Butter Versus Butter)

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I’m absolutely knackered after a hard day at work, so today I shall be showing you one of my favourite adverts for butter, and then one of my least favourite.

Firstly, this is how you don’t advertise butter. Unlucky Country Life Butter. Stop being shit.

Seriously, what the hell is that? I know they’re trying to expand on a two year old campaign fronted by John Lydon, but at least the original was somewhat funny and made references to the ‘British’ aspect of the butter itself mixed with the ‘Up The Punx’ past of John Lydon. This one feels lazy. It makes a rubbish joke, and then has John flirting with the farmer’s wife. He gets a bit of crumpet stuck on his lips as well, which is pretty disgusting. What’s worse is the way he says ‘on me crumpets’. It makes my toes curl. It’s horrible, sleazy, and ruins the marge-inal (get it?) humour in the first advert.

Here’s the original. For what it’s worth, it’s still an above average advert.

It’s much better than the new version that’s for sure. Poor bloody farmer.

Now then, if you’re going to advertise butter, you may as well give all of your money ever to Wieden+Kennedy and have them create something as absolutely fantastic as this;

My mouth waters through out the entirety of each of those ads. They manage to make the common omelette, and a loaf of bread look absolutely irresistible, which they bloody well should be! The entire Lurpack campaign is fantastic, but I think the best thing about it is the way it’s shot, with the fork(first) person views and the quick cuts mixed with heightened sound effects. Every thing looks so delicious! The copy is also impeccable too, but I can’t decide if it’s in the delivery of the voice over, or the actual writing itself that makes me weak at the knees when I hear it. Either way, just wow.

As an added bonus, Lurpack also happens to be my butter of choice, so I feel a little bit of pride that it’s in my fridge and I liked it before it got all famous and naked on the telly. That’s how to make a butter advert folks. Well done Wieden+Kennedy London, but I am definitely not the first person to say that.

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