Keith, G6NHU: Days 97, 98 and 99 – A trip to JO22jl

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I said in my last entry that I’d been preparing for a trip away and it so happened that at 07:00 on day #97, I flew out of London Stansted bound for Amsterdam. I live about an hour away from the airport and I planned to be there by 06:00. That meant leaving here at 05:00 and so I was out of bed at 04:00. At 04:18 I worked WA2KHP, Walter on 40m for my QSO of the day.

I stayed at the D’ Vijf Broers hotel, located in JO22jl which had a great view across the river and it’s own little beach area.

D’ Vijf Broers hotel

The view from the D’ Vijf Broers hotel


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