Blog Spotlight – Week 14

Posted on April 11, 2011 by


Mark T. Whitney is one of those writers who steadfastly and consistently produces some great work for us to enjoy, yet his modesty seems to prevent him from shouting about it. (Or perhaps he does shout about it, but at a time when I’m not on Twitter—which covers about an hour between 4AM and 5AM GMT.)

Regardless, if you’re a fan of creative writing and short fiction, you’d do well to check out his site. Mark hasn’t been posting daily, but that was never his intention—rather, each month, he’s producing four short stories in an attempt to hone his craft and potentially build an audience for his work, too.

There’s thirteen stories up on his site so far, and all are well worth a read. They cover a variety of styles and genres and, as the year goes by, doubtless you’ll see Mark refine his work further—gradually working his way towards the writer he wants to be.

Check out his site, Fine-Tuned Ink, here.