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Jaffa Cakes are absolutely amazing. They’re the perfect fruity, chocolatey snack, and I’ll call anyone who doesn’t agree a liar. One of the problems with the damn things, is that they’re so incredibly moreish. You can’t have just one jaffa cake, there has to be a follow up. A jaffa becomes two jaffas, which becomes half a pack of jaffas, and before you know what’s going you realise you’ve ingested about twenty five grammes of fat, and god knows how much sugar. Dangerous.

They’re definitely a guilty pleasure, but they should come with a warning. Adam and Joe, childhood heroes of mine, did a cracking skit on Jaffa Cakes which you can listen to here.

That’s not the reason for this post, but it’s a good start. Today I saw the 2011 Jaffa Cakes advert, and was thoroughly disappointed. There isn’t a youtube link available yet, but you can watch it on the following link from Telly Ads right…. Here

In all honesty, it’s a bit rubbish. The line ‘Truely, Madly, Orangey’ is a bit naff, and the idea behind the campaign is okay, but the ad itself looks cheap. Sure, Jaffa Cakes are delicious so the man rushes his job to get back to eat one, but that’s hardly original. The line ‘Ding Dong’ got a quick giggle, but ‘The Queen’s gaff’ sounds out of place. Surely the announcers on a bus tour would have a lovely ‘news reader’ voice so that non-English or slow speakers could understand as they were driven past monuments.

To add to the list of problems, there is also a criminal error in narrative! The first time the bus driver turns the wheel to go right, the next shot of the passengers on the roof also lean right. Now passengers only lean right when the bus itself turns left! You can’t turn the wheel right and then miraculously turn left. Life doesn’t work like that! Sure, I’m nitpicking, but if I were the one to be spending millions on a T.V Campaign, I’d want it to be absolutely perfect.

I think the problem for Jaffa Cakes on an advertising front lies in their past campaigns. Everyone above the age of twenty should remember is this;

That’s how to sell me a chocolatey biscuitcake. It’s incredibly true to life, brilliantly funny what with coming from a family of teachers, and the video is followed up by a devastatingly good line in ‘Deliciously Self Centred’. The in-ad copy was repeatable to the point that whenever I was given a Jaffa Cake, I’d act out the ‘Full moon, half moon, total eclipse’ schtick I’d seen on the tellybox. Even now when I’m eating them, I go for the one bite, two mouthful execution which I’m sure is because of this advert.

It must be hard for a company to try and top such a memorable campaign, even one from such a long time ago, and while the new one isn’t as awful as some of the guff on T.V, it’s still not very good. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic, but the ‘Self Centred’ campaign still stands up to this day. Good advertising will always be remembered if it’s timeless. I’m pretty sure you could re-run the entire campaign, still voiced by Chris Eubank, and it would be raved about by previous watchers, and more likely than not, an entirely new audience. The new campaign is timeless to an extent, but unfortunately for Jaffa Cakes, it’s as forgettable as 90% of current T.V advertising.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to teach myself about the moon in privacy of the front room.

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