Gemma Critchley: ¡proactiva!

Posted on April 13, 2011 by


Well, I’m off on holiday at 7am on Thursday, flying out to the very gorgeous Palma de Mallorca for four glorious days of sunshine and cocktails with my girls to celebrate my friend’s despedida de soltera. As you read this, I will be relaxing with my girls and a pre-holiday vaso de vino blanco, having finished work for a few days.

spanish dancer skirt postcard

I don’t need to apologise for not posting whilst I’m away as I have lined up a selection of pre-scheduled posts for your perusal. I bet you can’t wait to read them (they are actually a lot better than the drivel I’ve been posting lately, I promise. Saturday’s post is especially lol-worthy). Right, back to el vino.


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