Mark Fraser: Day One Hundred and Four – Thanks to You

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That’s right. Thanks TO YOU. You right there reading this. Thanks. Give your self a round of applause.

Or just sit back and imagine yourself applauding with these guys.

Stats say I have some kind of regular readership now. Amazing.

Anyway, I have half of a huge post about sitcoms to post but sadly I have no time to complete it tonight.

So as well as a thank you, this is also an apology.

Incidentally, I started using the Pomodoro Technqiue for studying today and managed to memorise a whole bunch of stuff on consequentialism for my philosophy exam. Using it is quite promising, and it can be applied to a number tasks, not just studying. Hit up the link for more details – it’s definitely worth exploring and finding out more about.

Or you can just use an app for your smartphone.

Also combined it with the 3 R’s method which is – READ what it is you want to memorise, REPEAT aloud what you can remember and for things that you can’t remember, REVISE and do it all over again.

Pretty sure my neighbours think I’m going mad now though as I babble somewhat incoherently about all manner of philosophical concepts.

So thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.

Blog about sitcom tomorrow. Poetry over the weekend.


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