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There’s a new advert from the folks over at Dreams. That’s right, the guys who sell beds!

Now isn’t that nice. The imagery is lovely, and the music is a perfect accompaniment. I love the way the creatives have managed to roll in so many ‘bed’ clichés. The thing about clichés is that they’re known as clichés for a reason. I spotted quite a few things Victoria and I do, but mainly the stealing of duvets, taking off of the glasses, and the classic ‘try not to wake her up, but do something really important’ manoeuvre.

The advert is giggle worthy, and if you’re watching with a partner, I guarantee one of you will say “you do that”. It’s a relatable advert, and while I don’t know if it will result in immediate bed sales, but it’s certainly a nice brand builder for Dreams. It’s very similar to the new Carcraft advert I looked at recently. Both companies have gone realised that a hard sell isn’t everything. Just look at the previous Dreams advert.

Bit crap really isn’t it. The new one is much much better and is obviously the beginning of a new direction for Dreams, and hopefully with that, a much higher customer/brand recognition. After all, beds aren’t an immediate purchase but they are necessary. If Dreams can work their way into customers minds, or be the first bed shop customers think of when they do need a bed, then the advert has done it’s job.

I am super duper tired, and watching this ad has only made me want my bed even more. I’ll write a big blog tomorrow, but for tonight I’m going to crawl into bed and literally become king of the Hushabye Mountain.

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