Blog Spotlight – Week 15

Posted on April 18, 2011 by


The majority of us here at the One a Day Project are English speakers—or at least, we blog in English. Special mention should be given to one of our most committed, hard-working bloggers, however, who has been not only beavering away in his mother tongue of German but also providing bilingual entries for the English speakers among us whenever possible.

I’m talking, of course, about Der Emil, whose blog Gedacht | Geschrieben | Erlebt | Gesehen (literally/Google Translateically: “Thought | Written | Experience | Seen”) has been one of the most diligently-updated sites we’ve seen from all the participants. Covering a diverse range of topics from his pet cockatiels to his experiences with reel-to-reel tape recorders, his blog is a fascinating read for those who speak German, and a good opportunity to practice for those who don’t.

Thanks for your participation, Der Emil, and we hope you make it to the end with the rest of us!