Der_Emil: Day 108 – the big surprise

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Today I was totally surprised by a tweet about me.

You miss me at the oneadaybloggers most days. Okay, that’s right. Mostly I post only in German – and I don’t know how many participants can understand German. Sometimes I try to do bilingual posts. But it depends on my posts topic.

I want to tell you that I started participating #oneaday without hope to do more than 30 posts. And today was day 108 with a daily post. So I reached my goal more than three times.

I tell you one more truth: There are some difficulties for me to do something in a daily frequency as regularly as I did. Since one and a half year I was diagnosed as depressiv and as nearly burned out. With all known consequences.

Today as I realized the words written in Blog Spotlight – Week 15 my tears started dropping. I can’t deal with such approval – and I love to read it! It confuses me. Makes me proud of myself a little bit …

Last but not least I want to thank you all for supporting the one post a day project. And I promise you to do more bilingual texts at Thought | Written | Experienced | Seen – maybe ’till the end of this year.

Thank you, Pete, for your words. Thank you all for reading and writing.

Keep on bloging!

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