Picks of the Week: Week 15

Posted on April 18, 2011 by


Another week gone by—they sure seem to be flying by at the moment. 52 will have passed in next to no time, I’m sure!

So here’s some selected entries from the course of the last week. As always, be sure to explore our participants’ other work, as everyone loves getting those pageviews and comments. Don’t forget you can follow all the participants on Twitter, too.

Omar J Peters warns us that our brains are getting smaller, and that cities are to blame. But we shouldn’t worry—find out why in his post.

Alex Cronk-Young gets nostalgic for the golden era of the railway and realises that he’ll probably never ride a “classic” train as depicted in Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cameron Pershall explored Christine Love’s latest visual novel Don’t Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story and had plenty of thoughts to share. (So did I, as it happens, though this post wasn’t last week.)

Pelekophoros had his first ever book review published over at Libri Populus, run by former #oneadayer Dan Lipscombe. His review may not be on his blog site, but having something published publicly like that is pretty awesome, so we’ll let it “count”. (Book fans should be sure to check out Libri, too, it’s a great site with a lovely visual design.)

Pick of the week for me, though, is Andre “DreamPunk” Monserrat’s vivid description of how it feels to bring a project to life. Seeing something through to fruition is an immensely satisfying experience that hopefully many of our participants will enjoy when it comes to the 31st of December this year. Andre’s got his own thoughts on the matter which you can explore right here.

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