Ciaran Watkins – The Magic Starts… When Exactly?

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I’ve got some very fond memories of family holidays. I’ve stood at the top of the Empire State Building thanks to a family holiday. I’ve stared at Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ because of a family holiday. Heck, I’ve sunburnt my entire body when I fell asleep on a lilo on a family holiday. Of course, with actually going on these holidays, I had to be told about them first. I’m pretty sure I was the most excited when I was told that I would finally step foot in New York City, but I don’t think I did anything as remotely as over the top as this.

Meh. That’s it. That’s all you’re getting. It’s not a great ad, and it’s not a bad ad. It feels somewhat forced, but I guess that’s what needs to happen when you’re trying to illicit some form of reaction. It’s a bit over sentimental, but it’s Disney. What were you expecting? The strategy is nice; the holiday begins when you tell someone that they’re going on holiday, but there’s one problem with this. You see, I was told years in advance that I was going to New York, but what on earth do these parents do?

Kids are shits, and they’ll probably be counting down every day, similarly in the way they’ll always ask ‘are we there yet’ when they’ve yet to leave the front garden. Maybe that’s me being bitter, but if I am going to do this with my kids, I’ll fake them out like they’re not going on any holiday, until the night before we leave. That way I’ll only have to deal with an evening of hyperactivity, and not ten months worth. I imagine that if I was told as a child that I was going to Disneyland that I’d do exactly the same as the kids in the video. Actually, I’d probably get that excited if I was told I was going this year, but even so.

Knowing me, when I’m a parent I’ll announce things years in advance just to make my children love me. The only thing I ask for, is that they get at least this excited.

The little kid stole my moves. I hope he gets stuck on Space Mountain.

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