F is for Faye: 111. A Yorkshire Staycation

Posted on April 21, 2011 by


I hate the word staycation. First of all, it’s never been a vacation, it’s a holiday. And combining two words to make a new ones annoys me.

However, staycation nicely sums up my next week or so. I was intending to use the next week to move house, however at the rate it’s going, it’all be Christmas by the time we move. So, I thought I’d be productive had have little adventures around my home county and trying not to waste my days catching up on sleep and doing very little.

Currently, I have plans to go to Bretton Sculpture Park with my family on Saturday, a trip to Saltaire with my sister on Tuesday and another trip with my sister for tea and cake at Betty’s in Harrogate on Thursday. I’m also meeting a friend for lunch on Wednesday and watch the Royal Wedding on Friday.

I thought it’d be wise to avoid tourist traps on bank holdays, I’m not a fan of battling through crowds but I wouldn’t mind attending the Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt!

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