Keith, G6NHU: “New” aerial – Well, same aerial but higher

Posted on April 24, 2011 by


It’s no secret that I’ve been meaning to do some aerial work for a while now and it’s just taken much longer than planned.  My long wire starts just under the eves of the house and goes to an anchor point a mere five foot or so above the ground which really makes it very inefficient.  I’ve been gradually picking up all the parts to make a doublet and I’m nearly there.

Last week I got home from work to find a new pole had appeared at the bottom of the garden.  To be exact, a 20ft aluminium pole had been delivered and nailed to a concrete fence post for me by Tony, G0MBA.  I must stress that the angle of the photograph makes it look significantly closer to the overhead cables than it actually is.  It’s well clear of them and is totally safe.

My wife who has no interest in radio at all decided the pole is Welsh and named it Dai.  That’s Dai Pole.

To see the rest of this post along with the pictures of Dai Pole and the end of the aerial, click here.  Not that anyone reads this or clicks the links!

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