F is for Faye: 115. Bottom Drawer

Posted on April 25, 2011 by


For a few years, various aunts and godmothers kept mentioning my “bottom drawer”. It’s not an euphemisim for a big bum or a overhanging belly. It’s somewhere were unmarried women could put all their things in preparation for marriage and moving out of their parents home. My Mum said she had a “top cupboard” and for birthdays and Christmas’ she’d get different parts of a crockery set.

I’ve never had a bottom drawer. I moved out of my parents house when I was 18 to go to Uni, stocked up on Ikea specials and have never looked back. However, I’ve never actually owned any of the places I’ve lived in and so a lot of the stuff I have isn’t particularly good quality – as I said, Ikea specials, or Wilkinson’s specials, or the cheapest-I-could-find specials.

However, with the impending house purchase, I appear to be developing “bottom box” in place of a bottom drawer. At present, there’s a box in the kitchen which has various different things in it that are being saved for the new house, including this amazing Royal Wedding tea towel by Gemma Correll.

I’ve also got an amazing mixing bowl, a Rob Ryan decorative plate and tea towel, and a Jamie Oliver pizza wheel for my amazing home made pizzas!a

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