F is for Faye: 116. Salts Mill

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Saltaire is a small town, just outside of Shipley near Bradford. It was the home to Sir Titus Salt (what a name!) who built the village to house the workers who worked in his textile mill, the largest industrial space in the world. As the traditional industry died out, a lot of the big textile mills were abandoned. However, when the mill closed, it was renovated an reopened as Salts Mill, housing restaurants, galleries showing David Hockney’s pieces, shops and offices.

I love Salts Mill and so as part of my Yorkshire Staycation, I decided to take a long overdue trip there. I was going to catch the train from Leeds to Saltaire (about half an hour), but my sister, Louise, wanted to come and we decided to drive instead. It only took about half an hour (and that includes going around a roundabout twice) and parking at the mill is free.

My favourite part of the mill is the first floor, Gallery 1853, which is a large open plan shop selling art supplies and books. There is also Hockney, and other artists work, on the walls. On each table is a huge vase full of lillies and the smell of lillies, anytime or anywhere, always takes me back to Salts Mill. On the second floor is another bookshop, where I purchased a copy of Kate and Wills: Up the Aisle for Andy and a Lavender Felt House Kit by Corrine Lapierre. There’s also a shop called Home, which sells different types of homewear, obviously! They have lots of lovely housey things (good for my bottom drawer box!), and I could have bought quite a lot!

Me and Louise both had crumpets and jam in Salts Diner, which were delicious. Louise also had a banana milshake which she enjoyed. It was fairly reasonable and only cost us £8 altogether. They do all sorts of lunch things, including salads and pizzas.

I think everyone should go to Salts Mill, at least once in their lifetime.

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