F is for Faye: 117. Weight Loss Wednesday!

Posted on April 27, 2011 by


As usual, after a particularly munchy weekend of Easter Eggs and BBQ buffets involving my delicious nemisis, garlic bread, I had prepared myself for at least a Stay The Same week. However, I was very surprised when I stepped on the scales and it said I’d lost 1.5lbs.

Apparently, it was even more impressive to one of the other Weight Watchers because I dared to be weighed in my jeans – the heaviest item of clothing known to man (ok, not quite, that’s one of them old fashioned diver suits). But jeans aren’t leggings.

And, Leader Linda handed me my 50lb loss certificate.

Woo! It’s currently on top of the fridge, staring at me and telling me no, no, bad Faye everytime I go near it.

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