F is for Faye: Tea for Two

Posted on April 28, 2011 by


Over the past two days, I have been out for lunch twice, to two different tea room type places.

Yesterday, after my Chub Club weigh in, I met my friend Mrs Z for lunch at Patisserie Valerie in Leeds city centre. I had a toasted mozarella, tomato, pesto and basil ciabatta sandwich, which was delicious. I also bought a slice of double chocolate cake (for me!) and a strawberry tart (for Andy) for dessert in the evening. Both of these were wolfed down and were amazing.

And then today, me and my sister took a road trip to Harrogate to visit Betty’s. We had a walk around the shops, I tried on some hilarious trousers in River Island and a jumpsuit in Gap (not a good look) and then went to Bettys for some lunch. When we arrived, people were queuing out the door, so we decided to pick up some sandwiches from their shop, some tasty cakes and had a picnic on the grass nearby. My sandwich was filled with mozarella, tomato and pesto (sense a theme?) and it was lovely.

Overall, Patisserie Valerie wins. Although the cakes and sandwiches from Bettys were delicious, I’m not prepared to queue up for them. The sandwich and cakes from Patisserie Valerie were amazing, I don’t have to queue up for it and it’s closer to home!

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