I’m back!

Posted on May 2, 2011 by


So my Chihuahua threw her kneecap out of joint and was on painkillers and anti-inflammatories, and she couldn’t remember why we’d gone outside until 20 minutes after we came back inside — for two weeks. Halfway through that adventure, my fella got sick, spent 24 hours in the hospital waiting for emergency surgery on what turned out to be a gangrenous gall bladder (I know; it’s just yucky to think about), and lived to tell the tale. On the day of his surgery, one of my closest friends for 25 years died. So I’m not so much gone as really, really behind. My pal goes back to work on Wednesday, and the Chihuahua would be fine if she didn’t take off running after squirrels, doing a modified bunny hop, after which she walks on three legs over to me, sits down, and waits for me to carry her inside. All is well — or at least well-ish, because we haven’t finished our income taxes, due April 15.