Looking to the Future

Posted on May 2, 2011 by


Hi everyone, Pete here. First up, a huge thank you as always to everyone who has participated in the project so far, whether or not you’re still actively posting. Everyone’s commitment to posting their blogs every day (or every week in some cases) is hopefully inspiring to others, and hopefully fun for everyone to take part in, too.

Some of you may know that a short while back I took on regular freelance writing jobs over at GamePro and Inside Social Games. As such, I find myself writing professionally on a regular basis, and this leaves less time to devote to other projects.

Rest assured, this isn’t the end for the One A Day Project — not by a long shot. My own blog is still going strong, as are those of many other people. But to help save my own sanity/free time and hopefully give some others a chance to contribute too, I have a proposition for the remainder of the year.

First up, Picks of the Week and Spotlight entries are great and it always makes me hugely happy to see how positively people react to being picked for them. So I’m in no hurry to ditch them, but with our declining numbers what I’d like to do is maybe cut them down to once a month and give them more lengthy entries.

Secondly, for those participants who’d like to be more actively involved, I’d like to invite you to write “guest entries” for these posts. You’ll keep an eye on the entries that interest you throughout the course of the month and keep track of them somehow (favouriting them on Twitter works well) then put together a brief explanation of why you picked them. This way, different people with varied interests will get the chance to highlight the entries which got them going, and we should see a nice mix of different things getting picked. (You can also feel free to pick your own stuff if you’re particularly pleased with it, of course!)

We’ve built a good community of bloggers as a result of this project, and it’ll be great to hear their thoughts on things they’ve read throughout the month that interests them. So watch out for the first post like this at the start of June. And anyone who’s interested in writing this first post, get in touch!