Mary Jo Cartledgehayes 39. Can’t believe how far behind a person can get–

Posted on May 2, 2011 by


I thought I was on top of my three once-a-day blogs, but family emergencies show exactly where you weren’t quite as productive as you thought. I was behind by about 30 pieces of mail art and now am just about on count. I’m behind on fibonaccis, too, but not as far behind as I am on this one-a-day.

But here’s the thing. Catching up is a satisfactory activity. It’s like being in a horse race and you’re next to last and half blind and a really good horse is knocking you into the rails, but you keep plugging and charge in for the win! To do so, I’ve decided to make this one-a-day blog more flexible and talk about whatever is at hand — and talk succinctly. If I do four or five posts a day for day after day after day, eventually I will be even with everyone else. Ha! See you soon!

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