Next try: Bilingual Beltaine report (Nº 122)

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«Well – Beltaine (in Germany: Walpurgis) was amazing for me. Even though it was completely different to my plans and wishes and longings.
First I visited a Protestant cloister near my city. I sat there there nearly three hours &hellp;»

So I started my english/geman report about April the 30th in my own weblog. Yes – I’m begging for readers and feedback about my English. But I’m not fishing for compliments.

It was my hope to get little help improving my (written) English during participation in oneadayproject. Seems to be unreachable … But it’s okay because I know that everybody has its own life. And there are more exciting news than about my private life.

I want to thank all participants of oneadayproject for their inspirating posts and espacially I want to thank Pete for his great work in administrating.

Good luck for the future – an keep on blogging!

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