Ciaran Watkins – Bacardi. Together? No Tah.

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The Metro seems to be my go to newspaper when I want to look at advertising. It’s probably because it’s always there, it’s free, and because of that, it’s chocked full of adverts! This one was a wrap around cover some time last week, and I didn’t know what to make of it. In fact, I still don’t know what to make of it.


So the idea is that we should all get together and drink Bacardi. Why? Well, because “Humans are better when we’re together”. It sort of makes sense. In fact, that headline is actually rather good. It conjures up some good imagery of parties, get togethers, shindigs, and sitting in a bar and drinking terrible tasting liqueur. That’s not the part of the advertisement I have a problem with. What I don’t like is the body copy. It doesn’t read correctly!

The ad starts off with quite a neutral tone of voice, but it quickly strays into an over-friendly ‘banter’ish style that I think lets the entire advert down. Sure, sometimes I do ‘hang out’ with my friends, but seeing that written down isn’t nice. It doesn’t look nice, and it doesn’t sound nice when read out loud, in fact I’d make a bold statement in saying that those words should only be uttered by American children in a sitcom. Yes, I do whinge when it’s cold, but flirt when it’s hot? Not really! They’re quite different actions to force into the same sentence. What if I want to flirt when it’s cold, and whinge when it’s hot? I also really don’t have the urge to ‘pop’ ice cubes down someone’s back.

This is me nitpicking of course, because the language isn’t exactly awful, I just don’t like it. Not only is it the choice of words, but the way it’s punctuated as well. It sounds like. Every sentence is book ended. It doesn’t really flow well. In fact, it sounds too informal. Especially with the tone of voice used. I also really dislike the use of ‘let’s face it’ in the awful sign off. We’re not reading a blog post, this is supposed to be an advert. It all reads like a very informal piece of text, and I don’t like that.

I think what makes me dislike the ad most is the tasteless little dig at the French. “Because, let’s face it, without each other, we might as well be French”. I don’t actually understand the joke. Are Bacardi trying to insinuate that everyone in France is alone? French people don’t actually have any one else other than themselves? Is it a subtle poke at the lack of manners in France, because I’ve actually found most French people to be very polite! It seems it’s a dig at the French, just for having a dig at the French, and that doesn’t sit right. How does making fun of France bring us together? Meh.

It’s late, and I don’t actually know what I’m talking about any more. I don’t like the advert, but I can’t seem to word myself correctly. The writing managed to rub me up the wrong way, and I can’t pin point my exact gripe, but I know “because I don’t like” doesn’t really cut it. Maybe it’s just me, and I’m overly sensitive, but I’m sure the idea of Bacardi.Together. could have been used in a much better way, and it seems a shame to waste such a nice line.

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