Richard Churchill: Closer to the Edge

Posted on May 3, 2011 by


I know some people who scoff at the idea of watching a documentary in the cinema. That is their loss and no documentary proves this better than TT3D: Closer To The Edge.

It follows Guy Martin (who is a legend, only way to describe this larger than life man) in the build up to the 2010 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, which to the unfamiliar is where men (and women) ride motorcycles like lunatics around the streets to win their ultimate prize.

The opening shot is a POV of a TT racer as they hurtle around the streets of the Isle of Man at around 150 mph as bushes, bus stops and brick walls stream past inches away.

What kind of person can do this? Who lives for this? The documentary gives you an insight into not only these people, but perhaps to what it means to truly live.

Don’t wait for the DVD, if your local cinema, or not so local but isn’t a schlep cinema is showing, I urge you to seek it out.

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