Gemma Critchley: Vote YES to AV

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I’ve voted in the elections already, because I’m special (needs) and did it by postal vote.

I voted YES to AV. I won’t rant on for ages about why, but basically more choice is better than less choice and a fairer representation as to what went on in the polls is better than an unfair one.

vote yes to the alternative vote AV system Uk elections one a day project

Plus, when I opened my ballot paper, there were just three choices on there. Red, yellow and blue (except in black and white). Basically, I don’t particularly agree with everything each of them does, but I do prefer two parties over the other one. So I would’ve much rather been able to give a bit of my vote to each and ensure the one I like least comes off that way. I think I’m a split of two of the main colours really, but would never even dream of voting for the third, so this system seems perfect for those who aren’t black and white about their politics.

I clearly don’t pretend to know too much about politics but I do know that I felt shafted when the yellows shacked up with the blues in the last match. Some people took a gamble to really take the chance to embrace change and stuck their neck out to vote yellow when they’d traditionally done otherwise.

Please don’t let a bad experience with your last chance for change put you off.

Make a difference. Go to the polls.

Vote Yes to the alternative vote.

* Ian makes a better point, go and read his post about why you should vote Yes to the Alternative Vote.

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