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Just a short entry today, but an image heavy one at that. Enclosed is Upper Crust’s first ever UK advertising campaign. Yes, I am of course talking about the station fast food chain, notoriously known for their bland pastries and wet sandwiches. That may just be previous bad experiences on my behalf, but I’ve always found their food to be pretty rubbish. This then, being their first advertising campaign, should wow me into either complete and utter forgiveness, or at least shock me into a false sense of security so I end up buying a sandwich from them again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Bland. Boring. Unimaginative. Just like their sandwiches. BURN.

Seriously though, this looks like an advert that I would have created back in year one of university. They’re almost childlike in their delivery! That third advert is easily the worst of the lot. I mean, look at the text. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be implying, probably that this baguette is going to mess hunger right up, but it just looks amateurish. The entire campaign looks amateurish, from the text, to the photographs, and on to the layout. It looks like it’s been outsourced to a Thursday evening design course for the computer illiterate. Now that’s a big problem for a company’s first venture into paid advertising.

I’ll give the creatives involved a little break, and say that “famously fresh baguettes” (while a stretch in truth on my own experience) is actually a nice little bit of copy. It’s just a pity the rest of the advert tries to be like the new French Connection press ads, and fails so terribly. I think I’ll just stick to my Marks & Spencer’s meal deal the next time I’m at the station. Or maybe a Burger King. Who knows.

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