Mark Fraser: Day One Hundred and Thirty – Learning

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Blogging daily is quite a challenge.

But I suppose that’s self evident.

What I have learned so far:

1. Time management

I drive people insane with this. Every day I post it on twitter, on facebook, and sometimes I even do it when my girlfriend is sitting next to me. Although writing every day is hard, what’s harder is finding the space in between work and studying (at the moment). It’s no surprise that my creative writing was stronger when I wasn’t working and had no exams/essays at the start of the year. So I’m slowly learning the art of time management. Which actually relates to my next point…

2. Content management

No matter how naturally writing comes to a person, it’s hard to write with consistent quality. The plus side of forcing yourself to write every day is that you get into the habit of sitting down and thinking about what to say – ideas are always coming to you from every angle. This is good, cause it allows one to write rough drafts of stuff and come back to it later when you’re in a jam for content. But the downside is that by having stuff to say or write about it becomes really, really noticeable when you start to topics, themes, content etc; something which is a really challenge with poetry. I have a lot of stuff sitting around in word documents that I plan to revisit that I’m sure will make vaguely decent poetry one day.

One day.

3. It’s hard

Yes, even though being prolific has become more of a routine rather than instantaneous, more rubbish gets created and more stuff gets binned. Great for exercising the old creative muscle, but bad for the quality of ideas. I’m sure I’m going to end up writing about a toilet or a carpet at some point.

4. I care if you read

Of course one writes for one’s self, but when I see those numbers dropping it sorta sucks a bit. Oh well. For those who’re still with me – it means a lot more than I can ever express.


I just had to get that out of my head and into the big ol’ web. Thanks for taking this journey with me. On to bigger and better things, maybe?

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