Babbling along (bilingual Nº 132 #oneaday)

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It is day 132 of one post a day project here in Germany, Central Europe. And again I try to give you (and the whole world) a bilingual view into my life.

About the impossibility to learn silently

Über die Unmöglichkeit, schweigend zu lernen

That’s enough for today – so I said at 10 p.m yesterday. Well, all the day I tried to learn some folk song’s lyrics. Of course not german folk songs, but scottish and irish ones.

Jetzt reicht’s, hab ich abends um zehn gesagt. Den ganzen Tag hab ich versucht, Texte von Folksongs zu büffeln. Natürlich keine deutschen Volkslieder, Schottisches und Irisches.

Somebody may ask me why I do so. Because of I wanna be part of a monthly folk session’s team.

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Well, I dream about some feedback (about my use of the english language) which would be highly appreciated …

Thank you for reading – and keep on blogging!

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