Ciaran Watkins – The Most Complained About Advert Of 2010

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(I imagine) It’s a hard life being a creative, what with coming up with entertaining or witty ideas for products that you honestly couldn’t give two flying bottoms about. That just happens to be your job, and when it’s hard, it’s very hard, but there’s always that beautiful moment when you come up with an idea, and people actually like it. Validation. It’s great to see that idea you slaved on for so long, working and running away with itself, just because you’ve managed to draw/say/suggest something in the perfect manner.

So what happens after your idea has been green lit? What happens when everyone loves it except for the public? What happens when people begin to complain about it? Do creatives see it coming, or is it just as much of a shock to them, as the ad in question is to a consumer? Well, I suppose it can go either way. Here’s an ad that the creatives involved must have been able to realise would offend some paying members of the public. More than a thousand of them if we’re being pedantic!

Is it wrong that I laughed? Is it also wrong that I didn’t see the problem with the ‘cat’ pay-off, as it’s clear he was okay in the end of the advert, and I was more offended by ‘Blind Wanderers’? The public are a fickle bunch, but surely someone somewhere, when making this advert, could see the slight possibility it might either offend someone, or upset a daily mail reading, cat loving, angry letter writing pensioner?

Yes, yes, all publicity is good publicity, and being complained about just makes campaigns more notable, but it must be a test to something to say that I didn’t see this ad in the entire of 2010. It upsets me that the general public complain about this ad, which must have ran intermittently, and in very few time slots, but that moustached idiot is still singing about car insurance. Can’t we all complain that he offends people on the basis of being a really bad Italian stereotype? Or that his singing makes people’s ears bleed? Who knows. It’s definitely worth a try though.

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