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So here I am, stealing The Drum’s ad of the day again. I’d be annoyed at myself, but it’s a rather enjoyable little watch. Unfortunately for myself, parts of the ad actually make my skin crawl.

Pop that bubble! Tuck her label in! Finger the bubble wrap! Kick those leaves!! STRAIGHTEN THAT DAMN KNIFE!!! Sorry about that. I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to ‘straightness’, so that wonky knife really really gets to me. The scene just isn’t right. Someone needs to fix it. I want to crawl into my monitor and straighten it myself!

Apart from tickling my own little idiosyncrasies, this ad manages to make ‘temptation’ key. I can guarantee that there will be at least one thing that makes people’s pupils dilate with the thought of possible pleasure. Be it the pile of leaves waiting to be kicked, that domino just crying out to be kicked over, the majestically floating bubble needing a kick back down to earth, or even that poor lady’s label need a tiny little kick back into her blouse. Sorry, I may have got a little bit excited there. Of course I’m wouldn’t kick a label back in to place, that was me being facetious, but I honestly would have kicked over the leaves, and definitely those damn dirty dominoes. My brother would have done the same thing to me as a child, so I’d consider it a life lesson; ‘stack dominoes, watch them get kicked over’.

Seriously, I feel a little like a dog having a ball shook about in front of him. That might me the upset stomach talking, but it really did make me stare in wonderment. The reason I’m feeling like this is down to the remarkable filming techniques, and the mischievous little soundtrack. The woodwind and xylophones take me back (in my mind’s eye) to being an innocent nipper, having a bit of fun on the ‘naughty‘, and the ever shifting focal point makes it painstakingly clear what the target is, and the starting point to disrupt/resolve.

It’s a pity then, that the actual product being advertised looks incredibly underwhelming. For all of the beautiful set pieces we’re presented with, our product pay off is a tiny pot of ‘mush’ on a poorly lit, boringly coloured table. I imagine the idea is that the pudding is someone else’s, but that’s hardly enough to tempt me into eating it. The copy doesn’t really move me either. I know the strategy is to ‘give in’ and cause disruption/resolve problems, but I’d much prefer a wordless fade to the product name. The imagery is so powerful in it’s presentation of ‘temptation’ that we really shouldn’t need that push by overly obvious copy. We again arrive at the fact that I’m over analysing an advert that a member of the public may only see once, and fleetingly at that, but as someone who over analyses on purpose, I think it would work better as an ad if we weren’t slapped unwillingly in the face by the proverbial ‘copyfish’.

The problem with this advert then, lies quite blatantly in the fact that a wonky knife seems to tempt me more than a Gu pudding ever could. You can either blame that on the stunningly beautiful filming and shot sequence, the flawless soundtrack, or just on my own strange mind. Either way, the 30 seconds of ‘film’ I’ve watched is marvellous, and a stern ‘well done’ should go out to the creatives and more importantly the production crew. On the other hand, me ever giving in to Gu Puddings? Well, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon.

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