Ciaran Watkins – Aardman Under The Oak Tree

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Here’s a brilliantly short entry, that contains two brilliantly made adverts by Aardman animation. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years, and they’re one of the only animation studios (along with Pixar) that have made me develop feelings for inanimate/non-existent characters. Not of love or lust like, that would be weird. Feelings of joy, sadness, and happiness, you know, those fun kinds of emotion.

That one is pretty snoresville in all honesty. The animation is fantastic, but that’s what I’d expect. There’s no real message but it is at least entertaining to watch. This second one is much better.

Anything that references Top Gun and makes light of overly powerful hi-fives wins my vote (It’s funny because I can relate to it because this one time me and my friend both totally hurt our own hands doing a super awesome hi-five in the air that we did too hard and it hurt a little… ah, facetiousness. I really need to get over it.). In all honesty, this second ad is just a little funnier, and the idea of ‘relationships’ works better in this context, than ‘growth’ in the first ad.

Any way, I don’t actually have much else to add as I only wanted to share some animation with you lot. I hope you liked them at least a little bit. Hopefully I’ll stumble accross something fantastically wonderful by tomorrow evening for a more in-depth post, as this one feels a little ‘cheap’.

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