Keith, G6NHU: Days 139, 140 and 141 – Fun on the Martello Tower

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Day #139 was very nearly my downfall due to an unforeseen circumstance.  I got home from work, had my tea and headed off to the Colchester Radio club with my lad to see a practical demonstration of the CW leg of the 80m CC contest.  All was going well until I had a ‘phone call from a colleague telling me of major problems in our data centre which required my attention.  The bottom line was that I had to go into work, there was no alternative.  I arranged for David to be dropped at home and shot off to work to resolve the problems.  With everything working again I got home at around twenty to midnight and put the radio on quickly.  I called CQ a couple of times on both 40m and 20m as they both seemed active and had no reply.  I tuned around looking for someone who was calling CQ and didn’t hear anyone so I booted the computer and fired up JT65 – I spotted PY9FP in Brazil calling CQ and replied.  It was an agonising 47 seconds later that I saw my callsign on the screen and the QSO went in the log at 23:58.  I had two minutes to spare.

No problems on day #140 though, the bands were nicely busy and I worked IG9E, a DXPedition to Lampedusa Island and then HA5AWT, Zoli in Budapest.  Both of these were on 10m which was pickling nicely to Europe.  I then dropped down to 40m and worked GB2LST, John in Plymouth followed by DL7RML, Martin in Wiesbaden and DL7AFS, Babs at DLFF077, Kellerwald Edersee.  After that I had a contact with IZ6BXV, Tony in Pescara on 20m, then 4Z13AR in Israel, a special event station for Arthur Rubinstein on 15m and then finished off the evening working IG9E again, this time on 17m.

On day #141 I had just four contacts from home – I worked OK2KO, Ales on 10m then HA7TM, Tibi on 6m before switching back to 10m and working OM5MO, Otto and HB0BJP, Mirek.

After those contacts it was time for a trip to the Martello Tower for the 144MHz May contest where we were going to put an entry in the six hour section.  It was a good afternoon of radio as the contest was reasonably busy for the first hour (my stint) and then died down a bit but we ended up with a respectable score.  Here’s our QSO map for the day.

To see the map and read the rest of the article with lots of pictures, click here.

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