Pete Davison: Tomorrow I May Be Dead

Posted on May 29, 2011 by


Ominous title, I know. But given that I’m running a 10K tomorrow, it’s entirely possible it might be true. Okay, it probably won’t be true. But it’s an eye-catching title if nothing else.

So yes. Let me start again. Tomorrow I am running the Bupa 10K in London in aid of Mind, a mental health charity that some friends and I decided to represent back towards the beginning of the year. So far I’ve raised £150.01 (thanks to Generous Sam for the extra penny) and hope that a few of you will be feeling generous in the next few hours. It’d be cool to get the total over £200 before I finish tomorrow. That’d be nice. If you’d like to sponsor me, go ahead.

I’m a little worried about the run itself, to be honest. Pacific time-friendly working hours have played havoc with the training regime I got myself into at the start of the year, and I haven’t had nearly as much practice of going the whole distance as I hoped I would have by now. Still, I have done it a few times, so I know that I’m capable of it. It’s just going to be a case of pacing myself and making sure that I keep pushing on regardless — the only difference will be the fact I have a magic chip on my shoe to reveal my embarrassing time to the world when I do eventually wheeze over the finish line.

But hey. If I do manage to complete it, that’ll be a pretty big accomplishment. A long run and a healthy amount of money raised for charity. Not bad at all for a Bank Holiday Monday’s work.

Beyond that, I couldn’t say what’s next. It would make sense to find something else to “aim” for, either personally, professionally, physically or all three. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, though. For now, I just have to survive 10km of the London streets without collapsing and dying. Easier said than done, and if there’s no Day 150, you’ll know that I’ve bought it.

Positivity! Chances are, though, that I won’t be dead and tomorrow evening there will be a Day 150 explaining politely that I am absolutely knackered and hope I never have to go through anything like that ever again. Or perhaps I’ll be high on endorphins and writing complete nonsense. (No change there, then.)

Either way, I’m going to plug my sponsorship page again. If you have a few quid (or a lot of quid) to spare, then dig deep and chuck me and Mind some cash. Where? Right here.

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