Gemma Critchley: Chess before beer…

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Today, we spent the afternoon playing chess. I got royally whooped, probably something to do with the fact that I’m:

a) Not very good at chess, and
b) Not very good at chess.

Whilst I spend a while reading up on how to beat le chap, why not enjoy some chess-based internet drawing wisdom from my all-time favourite web comic, Toothpaste For Dinner:


chess before beer toothpaste for dinner drew web comic


Do you play chess? How can I learn to be better at it? I’m sure I used to be fairly okay at it, and I once spent an entire two weeks in Greece drinking brandy and playing it for hours and hours every night. Maybe the brandy was the clue. I shouldn’t play it with a cup of tea on a bank holiday Monday afternoon and should instead only venture into the world of chess when I can be sure that my opponent is sufficiently intoxicated.

P.S. I’ve filed this under ‘gaming’ – does that work?

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