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Today is a day that I share wonderful, wonderful music with you. I was going to spend today’s entry telling you how much I love Frightened Rabbit and why, but I was browsing through a few of the blogs that I follow (see side bar to the right for links to some of my faves) when I came across this entry that I must have completely missed when it was posted last month and that post says it far more eloquently than I will.

Frightened Rabbit the midnight organ fight review scottish band indie music

Just reading that entry has made me put on The Midnight Organ Fight. This album makes me feel almost exactly the same way I felt when I first heard Letting Off The Happiness by Bright Eyes, which is always in my top five albums of all time. It’s just so honest and filled with emotion, wonderfully poetic lyrics that are heartfelt without being too twee and a perfect cocktail of soaring highs and crashing lows that make me just want to lie on the floor with a bottle of whisky and drink and sing into the night.

Frightened Rabbit have kind of crept up on me and have slipped themselves quietly into my list of favourite bands – I loved the first song I ever heard by them (Keep Yourself Warm) and then I saw them at a festival, then my friend Emma and I have slowly fallen in love and I’ve seen them play live twice this year already.

Go and have a read, then have a listen, then say hello to your new favourite band.

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