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So the new Vimto advert has been released to the confines of youtube and the Vimto facebook page, and will begin airing nationwide on Friday! Take this as a sneak peak and you’ll be able to realise it’s actually rather good!

It’s a novel way of ‘mixing up’ fruit, and hopefully they will be able to take this campaign and run with it like the old Solvite ads of years gone by; create more and more ludicrous examples of ‘mixing up’! I imagine they will begin with agency wide creative pitches until someone comes up with something brilliant. Here’s a hint, set it somewhere sunny.

Along with the new ad, which follows the pretty mediocre Waltzer spot, Vimto have released three additional video clips and are promising more “innovative ideas featuring the lowrider theme”. These little clips range from the down right awful, to the again rather good.

A nice little social media / viral bookend to a humour filled T.V spot! I just need to keep my eyes peeled for any digital work now, which I’m sure is to follow. One problem I have though, is that I don’t know why the fruits are Russian! That’s something that will confuse me forever more.

Any way, one of the main reasons the advert works so well is because of the music included. It peaks just at the right time of ‘explosion’, but as we all know a good soundtrack, does not make a good advert. The idea has to hold up, and luckily for Vimto, this one is solid, enjoyable and has done more for Vimto that this little number ever did.

Dad’s pants? How fat is your Dad?! They’re MASSIVE!

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