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Dueling adverts for you today you lucky pups, and this time two different outcomes from the very same strategy. One of these adverts I like, and the other I’m not to keen on. Having known my advertising preferences for the past five months, have you been able to work out which one is my preferred choice?


If you said that I would like the first of the two better, you’d be dead wrong. The first entitled ‘The Date’ just isn’t as good as the second, which was given the titled ‘The Entrance’, and I honestly think that’s down to the inclusion of the second character. Let me try to explain.

In The Entrance, the main character, let’s call him Bob, has the entire world revolving around him. That’s perfectly fine in my eyes, and you begin to wish you actually knew Bob, or were as cool as Bob, or could play flute.. like Bob. Every human alive hopes that this is how people see them; the extravagant brilliant person whom everyone wants to be friends with. The advert is obviously shot from Bob’s point of view, and an albeit vain outlook on how he is loved and adored by every one he meets, and I’m perfectly okay with it. Everyone wants to be liked, and there’s no problem with that. Heck, for all we know, it could just be a rather over the top egotistical dream.

The Date however, and it’s main character.. Frank.. has a lady friend, and this elaborate, over the top ‘look at me aren’t I brilliant’ focus leads to a completely different outcome. No longer are we onlookers into the vanity of a single person, but the vanity and showmanship of a man trying to impress his date. Frank could have paid these people off just to try and get a bit of sweet sweet loving by the overly impressed model he’s brought along. The innocent, dreamlike events of the first advert, take a rather different path and end up looking quite seedy and predatory. It’s no longer the ‘out of this world’, over the top fun that Bob was having in The Entrance, because Frank has an end-game in The Date; sex. I’m sure there are films with just that storyline, and if there aren’t, then someone should make one! It’s the inclusion of the date that leads to this particular idea’s downfall.

Of course, I’m over analysing for over anaylsing’s sake, and it’s quite clear that both adverts are supposed to be an invitation to drink Heineken and therefore ‘Open Your World’ as the tag line puts it, but there’s no fun in that. This way of marketing a drink by attaching the product to the self concious male population is obviously successful, and while I genuinely enjoyed Heineken’s approach, Stella Artois are still the company to beat.

The question for Heineken now, lies in how they’re going to top the already dubiously extravagent ‘man walks into bar’ gag. Me being me? It’ll be a bar set in space, the lead character will fight a dragon, high five Jesus, and everyone will look like they’re from a 90’s Levis advert… Just because.

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