Ciaran Watkins – He’s Just A Bloke Really, Again, For The Second Time

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Is it just me, or are the new Walls Sausages adverts continuing their streak of being absolutely dreadful. Here’s the newest one;

I’ve realised that I mustn’t “get” this advert, or at least be part of their target demographic. It feels as if there’s supposed to be a tenuous link between this and the off beat comedy of something like The Mighty Boosh. The problem with trying to emulate comedy in the ilk of The Boosh, is that everyone, and I mean everyone, does it so bloody badly. It’s impossible to try to jump on a bandwagon that shouldn’t even be moving in the first place. There is absolutely no reason for The Boosh to be even remotely funny, but it just so happens that it is. A bigger problem is that most people don’t actually like The Mighty Boosh, so something this inanely stupid again should have been vetoed at the first opportunity.

It’s a dog that talks. It’s singing a badly written song. Every thing’s all right though, because “he’s just a bloke really” and can’t let anyone know his true feelings for the petrol station attendant for selling him a shite sausage roll. What irks me even more, is that the dog should have said ‘man’ at the end of his song rather than ‘bloke’, and that would actually make his song rhyme and have some sort of structure. Maybe then I could get behind the sodding campaign. I mean, don’t make what I hope can only be a deliberately bad advert and then write a deliberately bad song to go with it. Even Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place had better songs than that! Oh who am I kidding, Dark Place was incredible.

Bah, maybe I don’t eat enough fruity-whizz or whatever it is the kids take these days to find these ads entertaining, and after looking at the youtube comments, I feel vindicated in feeling that way. I don’t like it, and I don’t want to see it again. Stop it Saatchi and Saatchi. Stop it.

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