Keith, G6NHU: Days 151, 152 and 153 – QSOs with the 40m loop

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I’ve not had much time available at all this week to play radio and hence all the contacts have been fairly quick affairs and all on 40m using the loop I put up at the weekend.

On day #151 I worked M5AFD, Dave in Shrewsbury followed by GI4GOL, Gerry in Belfast and then DL1BI, Andi in Dortmund.

On day #152 I had QSOs with E711AMRS, a special event call for the AMRS DXPedition, then PE1ODY, Bien and then I worked DL/K5WIM, Mike in Tennessee.  Mike was remote controlling a station in Germany hence the DL prefix.  After that I had a quick chat with Graham, G8NWC up in Spalding.  Mike and I often exchange messages via Twitter so it was good to talk to him on the wireless.

I was back chasing special event stations again on day #153 and worked both IO2UDI and II1IFF along with F1RCX, Philippe.

Over the weekend I’m hoping to put together an entry for the blog with details of my 40m loop.

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