Mark Fraser: Day One Hundred and Forty Five – Living With…Poetry and Reviews?!

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Due to excessive lack of sleep and strenuous exercise I’m cross posting yet another review. Yet another pop punk review, to be precise. So poetry fans, once again, I apologise.

Holy SHIT!

Living With Lions are a pretty great band, and I prefer their new record to the new Fireworks record, probably because I enjoy the raggediness of it more. Also, they’re Canadian and some of my favourite bands are Canadian. So check out the review by clicking on the picture above.

As an aside, a friend of my posted this on twitter yesterday:

Never a truer word spoken, although I do wonder…I’ve been writing poetry and lyrics for year, yet this year marks a shift in that I’m now taking it much more seriously. What that means is anyone’s guess, but what I can say is that having knowledge of the theory/language/imagery/form/tone and what it all means when you apply it practically, ensure’s that I’m writing a lot more, shall we say, fearlessly.

Anything goes.

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