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So whilst perusing the vast entity that is the internet a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon the new Dominoes advert. I thought it was rather enjoyable, and a good way of pushing “the brand”, rather than them advertising each specific deal, new shape of pizza, or going down the sponsoring a T.V show route by being lazy and slapping their logo on something.

After completely forgetting about it, I was reminded of it again after the advert was posted on The Drum today. As is common with any post on The Drum, the anonymous comments trail began. There was one particular comment that caught my eye. A comment from an anonymous user (of course) which was this; “Don’t use someone else’s idea, don’t use the same voice over, don’t try and tell me it’s a ‘homage’, don’t forget to tick the anonymous box”. What this anonymous keyboard warrior was referring to, was an advert for the Independent made a good number of years ago. You be the judge of how right/wrong this person was.

It’s rather eye opening isn’t it. There’s one of two possible outcomes really. Either the creative agency has seen the Independent advert, decided that enough time has passed that they can re-use certain deliverable aspects and either play dumb or write it off as an homage, or, and this is a big or, they have ended up creating two almost identical adverts without the knowledge of the other even existing.

I’d love to be able to say that everything is just one big mix up, but the similarities between the two ads are numerous. The quick montage style shots and cutaways, the voice over, and of course the do-dos and do-don’ts. These are all prevalent in both ads, and seeing as The Independents came first, one can only assume that the Dominoes ad has artistically pilfered that of the other.

Mind you, in this day and age there is always the possibility that a young creative team has genuinely created something that they thought was original, only to find out that; A) it’s done before, and B) it’s been done before but much better. This can actually happen! Take this for example;


This is an advert I spotted for the new Samsonite range in Selfridges today. I wouldn’t be bothered, but Rob Barton and myself actually drew an advert in this exact style about nine months ago. Instead of the suitcase flying through the air, we had it attached to a chain as if it were a wrecking ball, but the same strategy applies. The light, tough, durable suitcase is so good, strong and fantastic that it can break through walls. It’s not a very good idea I know, and it’s hardly original, but our idea is still pretty much the exact same as one that has actually been made and is out there in the public domain, and I have to admit, know that is deflating to say the least.

I shall try to get Rob to upload a picture of the advert, but for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it. In the case of Dominoes Vs The Independent, while I’d love to argue that there has been a huge misunderstanding and this was just a huge coincidence, but it seems like that would be too much to ask for. If someone has spotted it, then I’m sure others will follow suit. Sorry Dominoes. Feel free to take my off your text-newsletter-list.

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