Ciaran Watkins – Rude, Crude, And Downright Hilarious – The Chip Shop Awards Results 2011

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What’s that time again? It’s Chip Shop Awards time! I’d try to explain what the Chip Shop Awards are, but I wouldn’t word it correctly I’ll leave it to the absolute hero that is Dave Trott;

“I think the purpose of The Chip Shop Awards is to take the piss. To take the piss out of how seriously advertising takes itself. To take the piss out of advertising’s obsession with awards. To take the piss out of a little yellow wooden pencil elevated to the level of The Nobel Prize. And the symbol of a chip with a dollop of ketchup on it does that very succinctly.

This is ads you wish had run, but they didn’t. Ads that prick the bubble of pomposity that surrounds and encapsulates advertising. Ads that take the piss. And, nowadays more than ever, we badly need someone to take the piss.”

With that, I’ll showcase my favourites of the bunch! Some are rude, some are crude, some are offensive to the highest point, and I must stress that these advertisements are purely intended as a joke. They are not my work, and I am not taking credit for any of them. You can find all about the chip shop awards over at the . These are just being posted as my favourites. Sorry in advance! Readers of a sensitive nature may want to look away

My absolute favourite from the lot, and I’m upset it didn’t win the entire thing.

Unfortunately, this one did;

A cracking idea, but it’s just not… “chip shop” enough.

Any way, here are a few more that I thought deserved a mention.

Well, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, and I hope I haven’t offended too many of you. Maybe next year I’ll think of something to submit to the Chip Shop Awards 2012!

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