Gemma Critchley: We met Gomez!

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Last night, I went to see Gomez with my friends Emma and Louise. The gig was really good, a nice relaxed crowd and the band pulled out Whipping Picadilly (natch). Anyway, afterwards we hung around at the Cockpit clubnight and then decided to move onto The Shed, a bar around the corner. to get to The Shed, you have to walk directly past the backstage entrance to the cockpit.

Being a little tipsy (and with my celebrity radar going off the scale), I thought I’d ask the bouncers if we could get a picture taken with the band. To my surprise, they said “Go and ask them”, so I did. I went backstage and said “how do, good show folks. Would you mind if we had a picture taken with you?” and they said yes. So we hung out a little bit and got to have our photo taken with these thoroughly lovely 90s indie types.

Here it is:

Gomez leeds cockpit June 2011 Whipping picadilly Garage club night gig indie

Good times!

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