Pete Davison: Good News

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Almost a year ago to the day, I posted an entry on this very blog noting that I was starting to feel more positive about things. Of course, things didn’t quite work out the way I planned for quite some time, but for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, I’m pleased to report that today, Tuesday June 21, 2011, I was offered an actual job from an actual company. Not only that, but the actual job from the actual company in question represents something that I actually want to do — something that I was beginning to give up hope on. Something I’d given up hope on enough to apply to be a customer service monkey for British Gas — an opportunity which they were keen to pursue with me, but which I thankfully didn’t follow up on. I don’t see myself as a phone jocket. Largely because I fucking hate talking on the phone.

No, this new job, which I will refrain from posting too many details about until I’ve signed various contracts and officially accepted the position, will have me doing some writing in the games industry, though not as a journalist. It’s a role at a software company, meaning I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to be exposed to the process of game development as well as marketing. It’s based in London, too, which is a mild pain in terms of accommodation prices, but quite exciting in that it’s 1) closer to my friends who are still on the south coast 2) closer to my friends who now live in London and 3) it’s London, and I’ve never lived in London before.

From a cursory examination of Rightmove, actually, the area of London that would be most practical for me to live for this job actually doesn’t cost that much more than a shithole like Aldershot. Granted, in Aldershot you probably get a bigger room for your money, but given that I’m effectively “starting over” at level 1 with nothing but vendor trash gear on my back, I don’t mind slumming it in a pokey little flat for a while. After all, the future’s already looking brighter, so better things will inevitably be on the horizon.

This, then, represents pretty much all of the negative status effects I picked up over the last year and a bit being lifted. Now it’s just a case of restoring HP (and finances), acquiring better gear (and somewhere to live) and then the path is clear to level 80.

Or, you know, something less geeky. Oh, sod off. I can express my good news however the hell I want.

So, then, that was today. I start my new job on July 4, so that will be a period fraught with both excitement and nervousness — but the good kind, rather than the “shit, everything is going wrong, how am I possibly ever going to get through this?” kind. Which is nice.

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