Ciaran Watkins – Don’t Worry About Waking Up On The Hushabye Mountain

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You may remember that I wrote about the re-branding of Dreams, everybody’s favourite bed and mattress seller. The idea behind the re-brand was basically out with the ‘hard sell’, and in with the niceties. You can read see the original ad, and read my thoughts on it right here.

Why have I mentioned this I hear you ask? Well, as of thirteen hours ago, the second advert in the series was uploaded to youtube, and that’s exactly what I’ll be waffling on about today.

Another arm stretchingly, eye wateringly, mouth widening take on the selling of beds. Did you get it? It was a yawn joke. Seriously, give me a job because I’m obviously a genius!

The advert is a highly enjoyable minute long spot from the folks who sell beds, and in the case of their advertising, clichés. Again, I spent the sixty second spot trying to count the things that I do when rolling out of bed, which was very similar to what I did during the first ad. If you can recall, I once wrote that;

[speaking about the first advert Hushabye Mountain]

It’s a relatable advert, and while I don’t know if it will result in immediate bed sales, it’s certainly a nice brand builder for Dreams. I spotted quite a few things Victoria and I do, but mainly the stealing of duvets, taking off of the glasses, and the classic ‘try not to wake her up, but do something really important’ manoeuvre.

This ad, while steeped in proposed familiarity, doesn’t actually ring true to my morning routine at all. I’d record what I actually do, but I fear no one would ever really want to speak to me again. Instead of the rather wishy-washy wake up routines acted by the rather handsome people in the advert, my morning routine is rather different, and doesn’t really fit into the ‘don’t worry about a thing’ motif.

I set my alarm clock for the exact time I need to be out of bed. With that, I mean that when my alarm clock goes off, I’ve got about thirty seconds to be in the shower, or I’ll be late for work. That’s how I roll. I have a bus to catch at exactly 8.16, and I have realised that my showers take between five and ten minutes. When my alarm clock goes off at 7.30, I have to shower, dress, teeth and hair myself before I leave the flat at exactly 8.00am. If even so much as one thing goes wrong, I’m screwed… Here’s the kicker though, it never goes wrong. There have been times when I’ve been late because the boiler has broken, or my bus has left five minutes early, but that stuff is out of my control. My planning is done rigorously, and it’s done to streamline my waking up process. I get up when I have to, exactly when I have to, and I have one of the best punctuality records in work.

Why do I do this? Because I like sleep. I love sleep. I think it’s great, but unfortunately for me, there’s never enough hours in the day. I need me my 6/7 hours of kip a night, but I also need to check the internet aimlessly for at least three hours every evening, or maybe watch some wrestling, or a few episodes of The Adam And Joe Show. It’s a hard life, but some one’s got to live it, and unfortunately for me, even on my days when I get a lie-in, I’m still up the second my alarm clock goes off and in the shower. Otherwise I’ll never get out of bed. I guess that’s what Dreams want though, for us to never get out of bed.

For those reasons of unrelatability from myself, I can’t help but think that the first advert in the series, something I’ve decided to name ‘Falling Asleep’ because I’m brilliantly clever, is truer to life (or at least my life), and therefore more enjoyable to watch. Every person in the world has to go to sleep, and yes, everyone has to wake up, but I have a strange feeling that people will find matching quirks and situations in falling asleep, much more than they will in waking up.

Now that’s not to take anything away from the beautifully shot, and brilliantly sound tracked sixty second ‘Waking Up’ advert that we’ve all just watched, but their first advert in the large re-brand happened to hit the nail on the head in one go, and unfortunately for Dreams this second attempt, while lovely and rife with as many waking up clichés as they could possibly think of, just doesn’t match up to their first attempt.

I just can’t help it really. I guess I just like Falling Asleep more than Waking Up.

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