Mark Fraser: Day One Hundred and Sixty Three – The Failed Competition Entry

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Ok, so I’ve been working on something for a week or so now that I was going to enter into The Bridport Prize. I wanted to do something that was highly descriptive, ethereal and dealing with a large concept. The results are below. It is untitled.

The reason I decided not to enter this is because, well…it’s not really giving the message I want to give with my writing. I want write poetry that is universal, that is easy for anyone to relate to but also has a bit more going on underneath. This is so descriptive, but it lacks any real quirkiness or anything the average joe could relate to. Anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Waves as black as ink rolled across the horizon,
Reflecting the watercolour sky.
We moved along the beach, hand in hand,
Borrowed bare feet burrowed in white sand
Embraced in a lovers tryst
whilst pearls danced at sea.

Above this wealthy ocean
is an even richer ceiling,
embedded with half a universe of jewels.
The golden sands of the day
turn into moon dust at night –
White and feathery,
Sparkling and bright
under the gaze of lunar light.

Up in that night sky, stars burn
countless millions of miles away,
you and I
we look to the heavens,
and realise this all comes full circle.
The dust from these stars,
the rocks on the moon,
becomes the sand at our feet
connected by cosmic grace,
akin to some intergalactic melody
each part playing in harmony.

In the silence the pearl crested waves
beat shells against the shore
and reverberate back out again
with the everlasting tide.
Against the shore as one, we stood,
staring out into ocean
completing the circle of nature‚Äôs unity –
we began as star dust
that is how it we will truly end
and everything will begin again.

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